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E&P consultancy services is here to help you build your own dedicated back office support team in the Philippines to work full time or even short term depending on your business needs.


Back office support services provide assistance to front office teams through administrative tasks and customer-related support. They are the functions of your organization that aren't client-facing, which is why their tasks are well-suited to be performed digitally in an offshore environment.


There is no need to hire and train new employees because we will do the job for you at the most affordable and competitive rate. A back-office outsourcing team can reduce your staffing costs by as much as 60% and give you access to a reliable team of workers who are readily available, highly skilled, and dedicated to your company’s goals.


Outsourcing with us allows you to have flexible staffing without all the inconvenience of hiring and dismissing staff. Hence, it is much easier to reduce or expand the number of your employees anytime without the incidental charges.


We will provide the backup you need so you can refocus on your core activities and free your in-house staff from labor-intensive tasks. You can definitely save your time and resources if you outsource with us.

We Should Work Together

No matter how big or small your business is, we have you covered with a perfect solution and talented team.

  1. Save up to 60% on operating costs such as overheads, office space, production cost, labor costs, latest equipment, taxes, and so forth due to low labor and occupancy rates in the Philippines.
  2. Neutral Language and English proficiency
  3. More focus on core business activities.
  4. Better access to talents of highly skilled, ready, and willing workforce.
  5. Gain access to resources not available internally.
  6. Make Capital funds available.
  7. Delegate functions that are difficult to manage and control.
  8. Reduced Legal Liabilities and Management Issues
  9. Flexible Staffing
  10. Reduce workload and have better work-life balance for in-house employees
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